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Best Triathletes

The Arlberg Eagle is a triathlon with a twist. It lasts over five months, beginning in April with “the white thrill” (der weisse Rausch), a 9-km ski race, and culminating on August 25 with the 41-km Arlberg Bike Marathon. While hardcore triathlons can take a variety of forms, they are Read more…

Dean Karnazes running

Dean Karnazes Runs and Inspires

So you think you’re fit? If you’re comparing yourself to endurance athlete Dean Karnazes, you may want to think again. He makes even dedicated performers look like couch potatoes. Time named the LA-raised go-getter of Greek extraction one of the “Top 100 Most Influential People in the World,” Men’s Fitness hailed Karnazes as one Read more…