How many runners enter the race?

We expect 5,000 entries in 2012. We start on the roads so runners get away quickly. It has a ‘big race’ feel but it’s not so big that you will get held up by the masses as with larger races.

When should I enter?

Please do not leave it too late. Entries will close on 27th February 2012

How do I apply?

Enter online by clicking the online entry link on the right-hand side of any page or by downloading an entry form under the Entry Form tab

Age Limit?

Runners must be of minimum age to compete in one of the Milton Keynes Festival of Running events as follows

Half Marathon
17 years

11 years

15 years

When will race packs be sent out?

We will send the race packs out late as they will include the race timing chip. If we send them out early, people loose them and ChampionChip will charge them. We’ll start to send packs out to all runners from Tuesday 7th February 2012.


Runners often say that they’ve changed address since entering or that they live in a huge block of flats and their post goes missing. Why not get your number sent to your workplace if that is more secure. If you change address after entering but before the info has been sent out, please tell us otherwise the info and chip will go to the wrong address and you could be charged £10 if you cant get the chip back to us.

Lost number?

Contact us immediately.

Lost Chip?

Please contact us immediately. There will be a charge of £10 for a lost chip unfortunately as these are expensive and we just hire them for the day

Ill or Injured?

You should not run if ill or injured for your own safety. You cannot give your number to someone else in your place. This is for insurance reasons.

Wheelchair Users

This event is not suitable for competitors in wheelchairs

Special Needs

People with severe special needs must be accompanied by a helper/guardian to ensure the safety of that person and the competitors


Like all events, entry fees are used to hire the venue, equipment etc. Therefore, we do not issue refunds after entry.

How fit do you need to be?

Fit enough to run the whole way around. We do not encourage walkers to enter. While this sounds harsh we rely on the goodwill of 80 volunteers. We cannot expect them to wait for hours until back markers have walked around.

What time should I arrive at the venue?

The race starts at 10:00am. You should get there by 9am. This will leave enough time to get parked up and allows you enough time to use the loos.

The race will start on time and marshals will leave positions after back markers have passed so please arrive on time.


Please use one of the many car parks in the city centre. There are thousands of car parking spaces all within a short walk from the start / finish area.


We will get the results on our website later on the same day. They are usually up by 5pm.

Although Chip Timing is extremely accurate, some rare errors do occur. Please contact us immediately if you think your result is wrong. You have until the end of Tuesday 6th March to come back to us so we can rectify the error. No other changes will be made after this date.


We will endeavour to award all of the prizes as soon as we can on race day.

Public Transport

Trains to Milton Keynes are not as frequent on a Sunday and there are often rail works. Please check at for more information. The start / finish area is only a mile from the station but if want to reserve your energy, jump in a taxi outside the station.

Hotel accommodation?

There are many hotels in Milton Keynes. Please go to the usual booking sites for details.

Footwear / apparel

Please ensure you wear the correct footwear for this event. We recommended buying running shoes from a specialist retailer. Technical apparel is also recommended. Remember, cotton t-shirts when wet will stick to you and feel uncomfortable. Again, a specialist retail will carry a wide range of technical apparel. For a guide to selecting trail running and training shoes see